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St. Biagio, protector of the throat

The panettone (a delicious sweet bread) on St. Biagio Day gives this patron saint of the throat a friendlier and certainly tastier aspect.
In the days that precede this annual tradition, many stores give a special offer of the so-called panettone of San Biagio: three for one (you pay for one and the other two are gifts).
This initiative was most likely done for those who canít afford to buy the classic Christmas sweet, so they can still enjoy it while spending very little on St. Biagio Day.

One aspect of this cult, and without a doubt the most common, is that of the ďthaumaturgicĒ for the throat illnesses, a cult that comes from the noted miracle of the fish bone stuck in a babyís throat, which had been healed by the Saint through prayer during which the martyr had called upon the Lordís intervention.

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